Holterman Shipyard welcomes its new showpiece with the arrival of the new: X-treme Yachts

How we make dreams come true

A visit to our shipyard

Why X-treme

X-treme yachts craftmanship


Based in Meppel, Holterman Shipyard has been a market leader in high-end yacht building for more than 50 years. The shipyard puts quality and exclusivity first and wants to bring this out even more with the X-Treme model line.

Extreme capabilities

The X-treme yachts are in a class of their own, they are not defined by length but by their extreme capabilities. The yachts feature the latest innovations, powerful capabilities and luxurious interiors.


Each yacht is unique and of high quality. Almost everything is made “in house” with precision and the highest possible craftmanship. The yachts are fully designed together with clients to guarantee them the ‘ultimate custom-built journey.’

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