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Holterman Shipyard welcomes its new showpiece with the arrival of the new X-Treme Yachts series. Holterman Shipyard has more than 50 years’ experience in the exclusive segment of the yacht world, with Meppel (NL) as its home base. The yard sees quality and exclusivity as their highest priority. The yachts are mainly produced “in house” and are handcrafted with the highest form of precision, which enables the power to deliver fully customizable yachts. In so, every yacht is built together with the client to create the ultimate ‘custom build journey’, and realize dreams.

Holterman specializes in 15 meter long custom build yachts. The passion, ambition and experience in combination with big dreams caused the possibility for Holterman Shipyard to make the X-Treme series their own.



Build with passion and with more than 50 years’
of quality and craftsmanship.