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Construction of X-treme 105 continues apace

Last month a lot happened in our shipyard in Meppel.

Construction of, among other things, the X-treme 105 interior progressed well. As you can tell from the photo of one of the guest cabins.
The progress of the X-treme 105
The X-105 is a beautiful model boasting the latest innovations. This yacht is being built with lots of passion, fun and craftsmanship.
The show coat was applied last month and looks great. The anchor bin and anchor plate have been installed in the yacht’s bow, as have the fairleads.

Also, we made good tracks in stainless steel work. Such as installing bollard plates with winch boxes on the foredeck.

The interior, especially, is increasingly taking shape. Just look at it, real craftsmanship!

The picture shows a guest cabin bathroom. Replete with shower, sink, lighting and toilet already built in.

We can't wait to admire the result. However, we equally enjoy the project’s progress.
The progress of the X-treme 54
Last month, the bare hull of the X-treme 54 arrived at our yard in Meppel. We are working on the X-treme 54 with much pleasure because It’s such a beautiful yacht.

Right now, we are busy fairing the surfaces and installing the bow thruster.

The below-deck photo shows the installation of electric wiring. The below-deck areas will be furnished with the owner's accommodations and guest quarters, all with their own bathrooms.
The bilge pump is now being built into the yacht so excess spray water can be pumped out of the yacht.

We are also working on the gray and black water system.

In short, the build process of the X-treme 54 is making good tracks.
Featured: LED spotlights X-treme 105
Each Holterman Shipyard yacht is unique, which is why we highlight a specific part of the X-treme 105: the LED spots.

Some 250 LED spots will be installed in the yacht, each one fully dimmable and of the best quality. The spotlights are all recessed rendering the best finish.
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